Entrust the repair and restoration of your precious woodwind instrument to Woodwind Repair Australia, the preferred woodwind repair service of players across Australia. Your woodwind instrument will be in the hands of one of Australia’s finest professional woodwind repairers, Ian Gordon.

Trained in London under world renowned instrument makers and technicians, Ian Gordon has been skillfully restoring oboes, flutes, bassoons, clarinets and saxophones for over 25 years.

Providing the highest quality of workmanship, Ian offers a comprehensive woodwind repair service to student, amateur and professional musicians in Australia and overseas.

I have had a very happy association with Ian over many years. He has always gone out of his way to be responsive to my needs as an oboist and teacher. His work to repair and maintain my instruments and those of my students has always been prompt and highly professional.

– Stephen Robinson, ex-Principal Oboe, Orchestra Victoria.

Woodwind Repair Australia

42 Middleton Street
Highett Victoria 3190